Chatbots and the related trends you should be following in 2018


Chatbots have taken people’s convenience to some other level!

Whether you wish to book movie tickets or order food or inquire about nearby nightclubs, just talk to the bots and consider it done!

Their growing fondness has compelled the marketers to employ strategies to engage an audience over these platforms. This has further resulted in certain trends that you’ll have to pay special attention to in the upcoming year! Here’s a list of the top chatbot trends for 2018.

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Chatbots and the biggest myths hindering their success

Common myths related to chatbots

The digital technology has grown bigger and bigger over all these years and it still continues doing the same. One of the latest and the hottest trends in this field is that of chatbots and AI.

Almost all of us have come across a number of articles about chatbots and the advancements they have made to the digital technology. We’ve also known about all the buzz these smart creatures have created in the field of customer service. However, certain myths surrounding the bots hold the businesses back from leveraging their power.

Let’s have a look at the most hyped myths related to chatbots:

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Ever tried chatbots to ramp up your customer service standards?


Chatbots for customer service- yet another intervention of technology in real life.

When you own a business and have a huge customer base to serve, you are under constant pressure to keep all your customers happy. Keeping abreast with the latest trends in customer service, employing strategies to improve the customer experience and making endless efforts to gain more and more satisfied customers is what every business aims for.

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