Along with design and content, what else needs to be taken good care of?

Most of the webmasters across the globe believe that in order to maximize the possibility of their website’s success, they only need to take good care of itys design and content. The fact is that this popular belief has nothing to do in reality. Along with ensuring the perfect design and quality content, they should also ensure that their visitors are being served by real human beings round-the-clock.

A great design can make your website easy to use and quality content can answer most of the questions of your visitors but you can’t rely only on them in order to convert most of the visitors into customers. No matter how good the content of your website may be, it won’t ever be able to cover each and every thing and you can’t expect your customers to visit your website only at a time that is convenient to you.

So, you should serve your visitors through 24/7/365 live chat agents who are aware of each and every thing related to your products and services. The popularity of a 24/7/365 live chat service is increasing at a rapid pace and if you have refrained from it till now, you should embrace it onb an instant basis. In order to hire a live chat service provider, you don’t need to spend a whopping amount of money and it is highly likely that you will be happy with the result of offering such a service.

There are a few things you need to do before giving your service provider the access to your website. You should be certain that the past record of your service provider is great and it has managed to keep its clients happy and satisfied for a long period of time. You should also check the authenticity of each and every testimonial on its website and then, if you are certain that it deserves to be hired, you should opt for it.

All you need to know about co- browsing

Co-browsing, in context of web browsing refers to joint navigation through the world wide web by two/ more people accessing the same web pages at same time. Complete co-browsing supports automatic synchronization of the browsers’ state and content, including frames, portlets, or even content of the form fields and controls. Various tools are employed for this purpose some of which can even identify complex media objects such as audio and video players and offer capability of synchronous playback with start/pause/stop functionality.

Co- browsing
Co- browsing

Co browsing is a short form of collaborative browsing. It is a software-enabled technique that allows someone in an enterprise contact center to interact with a customer by using the customer’s web browser to show them something. In case of a B2B scenario, it can actually be used ease out the complex purchasing process for the customers. For instance, a B2B customer facing difficulty placing an order could call a customer service representative who could then show the customer how to use the ordering pages by sharing screen on the desktop or whatever device is being used. Collaborative browsing may include e-mail, fax, regular telephone, and internet phone contact as part of an interaction.

B2B co- browsing
B2B co- browsing

Co-browsing has so far evolved to support a full user web experience. It has come up as a great tool for customer service and support teams. You need to keep the following points in your mind while considering a co- browsing solution for your business:

i) co-browsing solutions must be offered in a seamless manner irrespective of the communication channel the customer initiates the conversation from.

ii) solutions that cannot share critical information that exists outside of the browser will inhibit the experience your customers expect.

iii) co-browsing technology that mandates tagging each and every page that a customer may want to share may be a technical challenge and, in many cases, not feasible.

iv) co-browse solutions that share a browser experience may help with simple web page based content but are not capable of extending to view the rich content on every web page, so make sure that all viewers are seeing the same and synchronized content

Co browsing solutions
Co browsing solutions



Strategies for generating B2B leads online: II

1. Content Marketing:

Content marketing refers to the marketing focused on creating, publishing and distributing content to online targeted audience.It is a crucial element for B2B lead generation. It is often used by businesses in order to attract attention, generate leads, expand their customer base, generate online sales, increase brand awareness or engage an online community of users. While pursuing content marketing, the main focus of the businesses should be the needs of the prospect or customer.

Once a business has identified the customer’s need, information can be presented in a variety of formats, including news, video,white papers, e-books, infographics, email newsletters, case studies, podcasts, how-to guides, question and answer articles, photos, blogs, etc. The appropriate type of content for any business will depend on the business’ goals and target customer.

Content marketing
Content marketing

2. Search engine marketing:

Search engine marketing includes both paid search results (using tools like Google Adwords or Bing Ads, formerly known as Microsoft ad-center) and organic search results (SEO) and plays a crucial rule in B2B lead generation. It includes the following steps:

  • Keyword research and analysis: It involves ensuring the site can be indexed in the search engines, finding the most relevant and popular keywords for the site and its products, and using those keywords on the site in a way that will generate and convert traffic.
  •  Website saturation and popularity: It means how much presence a website has on search engines, can be analyzed through the number of pages of the site that are indexed by search engines (saturation) and how many back links the site has (popularity).
  • Back end tools: These include Web analytic tools and HTML validators which provide data on a website and its visitors and allow the success of a website to be measured.
  • Whois tools: They reveal the owners of various websites and can provide valuable information relating to copyright and trademark issues.
  • Google Mobile-Friendly Website Checker: This test will analyze a URL and report if the page has a mobile-friendly design.
Search engine marketing
Search engine marketing



Tips to increase conversion rate: V

1.Exemption of customer hesitation:

It is very important to exempt ay kind of consumer hesitation related to the offers you provide in order to increase your conversion rate. People will have conscious and subconscious objections to what you’re saying about your products and offers. You need to address all their concerns and convince them as to why they should avail your services or buy your products. The most suitable technique is to prevent all those hesitations by addressing all the possible issues in your sales copy right away. For this, you have to create a list of all the possible hesitations and objections your potential customers might have and then add information to your sales copy to eliminate those concerns. You can convince people to buy from you by explaining the problems solved by your products, showing off your credentials and proving the value your product offers.

Exemption of customer hesitation
Exemption of customer hesitation

2. Provide clarity in your content:

Your content should have clarity in the sense that it should be understandable not only to the people related to the marketplace you deal in but also to other people. The basic idea is that you shouldn’t aim to write for companies but for people. While creating content or explaining about the products and services that you provide, imagine that you are explaining it to your close friend. This is the best method to inculcate clarity in your content.

Content clarity
Content clarity

3. Craft proper value proposition:

A value proposition is the primary reason for a prospect buying from you. It actually requires you to showcase what is unique about your company, your products, and services. Moreover, it must be communicated effectively to achieve optimal results. All you need to do is to refine your value proposition until you can articulate it in a single, instantly credible sentence. Conversion rate optimization can be enhanced further by optimizing value proposition that involves identifying, expressing, and testing/measuring. This can be achieved using A/B testing.

Value proposition
Value proposition




Inbound marketing strategies to grow your business: III

1. Content marketing:

Content marketing is one of the many beneficial inbound marketing strategies that will help you build your business and grow it further in the long run. It is described as the form of marketing focused on creating, publishing and distributing content for a targeted audience online. It is often used by businesses in order to expand and diversify their user base. It is also used to create an online community of users, increase brand awareness and online sales. For this purpose, first, you need to start a blog. Blogging helps you to attract new visitors, gain returning visitors, convince warmer leads and helps keep your users updated. You can even include case studies and customer testimonials into your content marketing plan as it will help convince leads that are further down the funnel. Moreover, creating a content calendar will ensure that you stay on top of publishing updated content consistently.

Content marketing
Content marketing

2. Remarketing:

Remarketing defines the action taken on by companies to reintroduce a product or service to the market in response to declining sales. The company remarkets the product as an advanced version of an existing product or something that has been improved in order to reignite interest and boost sales. Remarketing can be implemented in a variety of ways such as:

i) you can remarket to anyone who visited your site

ii) show specific ad to visitors who went to a certain page

iv) show an ad to someone who has placed items in a shopping cart, but hasn’t yet converted


3. Top- notch landing page:

A top- notch landing page consists of videos or images, testimonials, and trust signals that help improve the conversion rates. Landing page can further be described as a standalone web page distinct from your main website that has been designed for a single focused objective. So, you need to make sure that the landing page is relevant to the call-to-action, such that, whether it be a product page, a form fill-out to download a whitepaper, or a subscription service page, it provides the maximum possible conversion rate.

Landing page
Landing page

How to leverage PPC for lead generation: II

1. Ensure relevance between your PPC ad and landing page content:

When online users have queries related to a particular topic or want to know more about a product or service, they search the required information using specific keywords. Also, if your ad is focused on the desired certain keyword or topic, it is expected that your landing page would provide more information about that particular keyword or topic. The users would definitely be turned off if your landing page content talks about everything else except what’s mentioned in your PPC ad. Therefore, your content should be optimized in such a way that it entices landing page visitors to become a lead or a customer.

PPC ads in accordance with content
PPC ads in accordance with content

2. Employ convincing tools to support your ad claims:

For effective lead generation support your PPC advertising campaigns with evidence. This will help you gain the trust of your target audience. You may employ convincing tools such as customer testimonial, slideshows, white papers, and eBooks. these tools could support your claim as a reputable product or service. You can also feature prominently trusted seals from organizations or agencies that will increase your credibility, gain your targeted audiences’ trust, and convert them into long-term customers.


3. Entice your visitors with giveaways:

You may entice your visitors by including rewards and offers that you would give them in exchange for their sign-up information to a blog or newsletter. These giveaways may include webinars, ebooks, videos, presentations and more. Make sure that these rewards and offers are well-designed to give your web visitors something of value that will tempt them to know more about your brand, product or service. Also, it is suggested that you place your offers near your lead generation form, with customized graphics and text that will convince people to make a response to a particular call-to-action.

Free webinar
Free webinar

Best customer retention strategies: Part IV

1. Ameliorate your content management:

For making choices between different services or products, people usually go with the products and services which we have heard about from their knowns or came across while browsing the web. Thus, to entice the visitors and ultimately achieve customer retention, you need to produce content which you, yourself would read and share with others.

Moreover, you need to find marketing channels and spend the time to learn how to leverage the numerous free and paid marketing channels out there. Twitter, Google+ and other communities can help you find commonly discussed topics that you can write about.

2. Overcome buyer’s repentance;

Buyer’s remorse is defined as a sense of regret after having made a typically large purchase.

Buyers are usually afraid of 2 different things:

i)Their money was worth more than the product

ii)Their colleagues won’t approve of the product or service purchase.

Therefore salespeople should effectively address buyer’s remorse before its occurrence. The salesperson should be able to convince the customer as to why this is the best option for them. If your customer is not convinced and still wants a refund, try supporting your words with case studies or testimonials that show how your product was able to efficiently solve problems in similar cases earlier.

3. Indulge in live chats or Skype calls to know your customer’s requirements:

One of the most efficacious techniques of creating an impact with your customers is to get on a call with them. This will help you get really useful feedback that you can use to improve your business. Moreover, you will stand out in that customer’s mind and make the impression that you genuinely care about their needs.

4. Make use of the system of unearthing complaints:

As a matter of fact, 96 percent of discontented customers don’t complain. They just walk away! That’s because they often don’t know how to complain, or can’t be bothered, or are too frightened, or believe it won’t make any difference. Whilst they may not tell you what’s wrong, they will tell their friends or knowns.

A system for unearthing complaints can, therefore, be a savior for your business, because customers who complain are giving you a gift, they’re still talking to you. In other words, they’re giving you another opportunity to return them to a state of satisfaction.

5. Send targetted campaigns to your customers:

You can target your customers with personal and optimized marketing campaigns with the help of some amazing email and marketing services. Services like Vero and MailChimp are great for data-driven email marketing and event-triggered email marketing.


Live Chat Opens The Door For Up sell Opportunities

There’s simply no point in exaggerating how quality customer service plays not only an important but a crucial role in business. Your customers are the one who if charmed and fascinated by your services for sure going to spread a good word about you. So all the business owners, despite the size of your organization or enterprise fix on your seat belts to give an incredible experience to your customers by incorporating live chat icon on your website.

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