Enjoy multitasking with live chat

Today the consumer expectation of customer service has reached to heights. The default standard for most of the companies of providing phone support and email support is still prevailing, but if you want to differentiate your business and fascinate your customer by giving them an incredible experience you have to think for something extra. That is give your customer on demand support. Continue reading “Enjoy multitasking with live chat”

Lives Chat Gives You The “Multitasking” Option

You may not find it exotic, but you really do not have any excuse to not have a live chat as a customer service application for providing quality customer service. Live chat will link customer to a live, a real time-chat session with a customer sales agent. Now if you are a small business and having some success and keeping up the trend then till now you must have acknowledged the customer service is one of the watch words for the millennium year in on line sales. Continue reading “Lives Chat Gives You The “Multitasking” Option”

Some more customer service trends that’ll be huge in 2018!

Customer service trends

Customer service will always be a game changer for every business, no matter what scale or size. So, it’s imperative that every business follows the latest customer service trends so as to keep up with the ever-rising customer expectations.

We made you familiar with the top customer service trends that’ll be big in 2018! Here are some more.

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That’s how you put up a powerful knowledge base for your customers!

Knowledge base

A knowledge base on your website is a boon for your support agents and customers alike.

You ask us how?

Well, it’s no brainer that the customer service reps have to deal with a lot of queries throughout the day. Also, of all the queries that they have to face, most are simple and repetitive. The time wasted in helping all the customers with similar (and simple) issues can effectively be used to address more critical issues. That’s what a knowledge source can help with.

This implies, having an effective knowledge base is quite inevitable! Here’s how you can create an effective one.

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Here’s why you should opt for omnichannel customer service

Omnichannel customer service

An omnichannel customer service is the best way to provide the customers with a seamless shopping experience, no matter wherever he/she is shopping from. This type of customer support includes channels such as FAQ web pages, mobile applications, social media and more. The basic idea is to let the customers avail assistance through their preferred channel of communication. Omnichannel customer service not only enhances the quality of customer support and provide you happy and loyal customers. There’s a lot more, that it can do for your business. Read on to know:

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Consequences of a bad customer service for your business

Bad customer service

A bad customer service may be seen in a number of forms such as inefficient customer support agents, poor support channel management, slow customer query resolution and more. Since customer service plays a significant role in deciding the success of a business so it requires special attention. Taking this aspect of a business for granted can have the following consequences:

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6 Strategies to boost the productivity of your customer support team

Customer support

The success of any business can be measured in the terms of its workers’ productivity. Higher the productivity, more successful is the business. When it comes to the customer support team, their productivity directly relates to the customer satisfaction levels which further points towards the success of a business. So, it’s imperative that special attention is paid to the productivity of the customer support team. Here are the best strategies to improve the support team’s productivity.

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Things every customer service representative needs to know

Customer service representatives

Working at a customer service center is quite a daunting task. You have to deal with a variety of customers and situations may not always be in your favor. The only solution is to handle every situation gracefully. There are certain things that a customer service representative needs to know before everything else. Let’s see what they are:

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Best strategies to curb agent attrition: III

1. Provide rewards and internal promotions:

Implementing peer recognition and rewards program is yet another powerful method of curbing agent attrition. It involves ensuring that each agent receives feedback that is directly tied to their performance and that they receive rewards when they meet key milestones. This enhances an agent’s motivation and helps build engagement with their work. On the other hand, filling open positions within call centers by promoting internal candidates can also help motivate them to work better. This can actually be used as an incentive for agents to work harder at their job and be sure to promote top performers.

Rewards and recognition
Rewards and recognition

2. Strive to tackle your advisors’ grievances:

Exit interviews are the ones conducted to gather information on why an advisor is leaving and to learn how a customer support center can stop attrition. Instead of these exit interviews, conducting internal interviews, after an employee’s first few weeks of joining, can help tackle their grievances and know their pain points before it is too late. Thereafter, strategies can be employed to exempt these grievances. These interviews convince the employees that the company cares and supports for each of them. It further boosts their morale and job satisfaction and leads to a lowered agent attrition rate.

Coaching culture
Coaching culture

3. Ease down the shift swapping process:

The rigidness of the schedule in a customer support center can result in staff missing important external events and lower job satisfaction. As a matter of fact, customer support centers are hesitant to allow shift swaps due to the negative impact it may have on workplace cohesion, contact between supervisors and advisors and service quality. However, working towards lowering the rigidness of the schedule and providing an easy swapping of shifts can greatly enhance employee morale. This can eventually result in a reduced agent attrition.

Shift swapping
Shift swapping






Tips to reduce average handle time: I

Average Handle Time (AHT) refers to a call center metric that calculates the average duration of contact between a customer and an agent. This includes both hold time and talk time.

The formula for calculating AHT is:

Average Handling Time = (Total talk time + Total hold time + Total wrap-up time) /Number of calls handled

A low AHT indicates a good performance, while a high AHT signifies that the call handling technique needs improvement. Here are some effective tips that help reduce the average handle time to a large extent:

Average handle time
Average handle time

1. Set up regular training sessions for customer support agents:

Customer support agents should have a thorough understanding of the company’s products and services so that they are able to contribute towards conversions and also resolve queries instantly. Agents should be trained at frequent intervals in order to help them reduce AHT. This training should include educating them about the usage of the contact center software and tools such as CRM and chat to ensure that the call is answered in the lowest time possible leaving the customer satisfied. Moreover the agents should also know whom to contact in case of any doubt and from where to extract any relevant information.

Training call center agents
Training call center agents

2. Record all inbound and outbound calls:

Recording every inbound and outbound call makes it easier to assess the productivity of an agent and other issues that might affect his or her output. This can also be helpful in case managers are not able to review calls in real time such that they can always refer to the recorded version and get the desired insights. Moreover these calls can be leveraged to train the customer support agents and improve their performance. Making them listen to some of the good examples of calls wherein the customer’s problem was resolved and the handling time was less can help them learn valuable tactics for reducing AHT.

Call recording
Call recording

3. Tailor agents’ workflow and processes:

Tailoring agents’ workflow and productivity can help optimize their productivity. Managers should work hard to spot inefficiencies and work out strategies to eliminate them thereafter. One of the best method of doing this is automating all their manual tasks so as to minimize their busy time and hence reduce AHT.

Automating manual tasks
Automating manual tasks



Tips to enhance the performance of your support agents: III

1. Arrange weekly meetings:

Arrange regular meetings for knowledge sharing. The basic idea is to discuss and understand the overall experience of your support agents with your clients. Try to understand what obstacles they face while they carry out a live chat with the website visitors, what kind of tricky questions customers may ask and how to resolve their queries. Agents can uncover important techniques of live chat support in this knowledge sharing process. This can aid in improving their overall performance.


2. Club videos with training sessions:

As a matter of fact, humans are visual learners. They tend to learn things more effectively if taught through graphics and videos. You don’t need to spend extra bucks on video tutorials. There are thousands of useful videos available on YouTube which can be utilized for this purpose. This is one of the best customer service training ideas that gives tremendous results.

Videos clubbed with training session
Videos clubbed with training session

3. Help them know their actual roles:

Yet another concept of your training should be to help your chat agents understand the actual role they need to play in building customer relationships. Educate them about the lifetime value of a customer as well as the consequences of a bad customer interaction. Let them know how the quality of customer support impacts on sales conversion, customer retention, and brand image. Once the support agents have this basic understanding, they will be more efficient in providing top-notch service.

Knowing respective roles
Knowing respective roles

4. Train them practically:

Practicing something practically helps you learn it better. Team up all of your agents and assign them different chat scenarios. Encourage them to try their best to deal with those given situations. Give them enough time to understand the whole support process, your products/services and most importantly, how to manage the live chat software. These practical sessions are very important to cultivate a capable workforce.

LIve chat tutorial
Live chat tutorial