Knowledge base content mistakes that may drive your customers away!

Knowledge base

Customer centricity, customer empowerment, and self-service are some of the prominent terms in customer service nowadays. These terms are all made effective in the form of a single informative knowledge base using a number of tools available.

Tools like WordPress, Heroic KnowledgeBase, KnowAll etc. allow the businesses to put up the best kind of enlightening content for their customers. However, the tools won’t magically do everything that a knowledge base is supposed to do. Also, the tools can help put up great knowledge base content but there’s still a high probability of things going wrong.

Here’s a list of all the mistakes that a business may be making despite a rigid support from these highly efficacious knowledge base creation tools. Take a look at the most common knowledge base content mistakes so that you keep them at bay: Continue reading “Knowledge base content mistakes that may drive your customers away!”