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Start turning your website visitors into customers right away! Live Chat Agent provides all you will need to improve your customer support, engage with your customers, and generate more leads from your website.
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Be at Your Customer's Rescue 24/7

Live chat software is more than a tool for your website. It's a way of being there for your customers 24/7. Live chat for website ensures that you do not miss out on any of your customers. With highly knowledgeable and effectively trained live chat agents, you can employ a proactive approach to provide a real time assistance to your customers and be their guide throughout the process.
24/7 Live Chat Agent, Live Chat Software, Lead Generation Service

Amazing Features

Highly efficacious tools to empower you as we harmonize with third party services to boost your site's functionality.
Proactive Visitor Engagement with Live Chat
Proactive Engagement
Be there for your customers even before they ask for it and keep them glued to your website for hours using a proactive approach.
Live Chat Power Tools
Power Tools
Powerful tools to make the most out of the cutting edge technology and keep up with the customers' needs for an easy conversion.
Transfer File In Live Chat
Share Files
Share files during a live chat session and make the chat more relevant and easy. Share MS Word, PDF, MS Excel and other documents live.
Live Chat Reports & Analytics
Reports & Analytics
Track and optimize all your engagement efforts and get detailed reports about your performance right in your email inbox.
Live Chat Design Customization
Design Customization
Customize every bit of your chat window with a set of highly effective design tools so that it compliments your website.
Live Chat Social Discovery
Social Discovery
Powerful plugins to offer live chat on your social media pages so as to enhance user engagement and dig deeper into your customers’ interests.
Live Chat Design Customization
Never miss out on your mobile customers with Live Chat Agent's mobile optimized live chat for your team as well as your website visitors.
Live Chat Integrations
Leverage Live Chat Agent's integrations with numerous third party services such as HubSpot, Zendesk, Facebook and more.
Live Chat Security
Live Chat Agent ensures the security of your data through double layer encryption. Be assured that your data is safe in transit as well as rest state.

What you may be missing out on!

Never miss out on any of your potential customers. Leverage Live Chat Agent's services to keep your website visitors glued, resolve their queries and guide them effectively so as to turn them into happy customers.

Customer Testimonials

Every business claims to be the best in today's competitive market. So, the customers best know how a business is doing. Here's what our clients around the globe have to share with you.
Quick Response!
I recommend Live Chat Agent to all of my business colleagues. I’ve been using Live Chat Agent since 2012, and I look forward to their service for years to come. The management is always quick to answer any questions or concerns that I may have, and the agents are always respectful to my customer’s concerns.
Tony Darrick BakerXeal Publishing, LLC.
24/7 Live Chat Agent, Live Chat Software, Lead Generation Service
Live Chat Platform 24/7!
We have had tremendous success using Live Chat Agent for over the past 2 years. They man our live chat platform 24/7 in a professional manner and responded to any concerns in a timely fashion. Most importantly, our live chat leads have gone up substantially since we started using Live Chat Agent. I would definitely recommend their services.
Allan BaumProtection Plus Inc.
24/7 Live Chat Agent, Live Chat Software, Lead Generation Service
Impeccable Customer Service!
Live Chat Agent has become an invaluable asset to our company and our online strategy. Their online agents are very well trained and their customer service impeccable. We wholeheartedly recommend their services to any company looking for a professional online chat service to partner up with.
Daniel IshikawaCEO at Furniture Leasing Corporation.
24/7 Live Chat Agent, Live Chat Software, Lead Generation Service
Top Notch Service!
I have worked with Live Chat Agent. Their service is top notch. Their service is great for companies that need live chat but may not have the resources to monitor it.
Phil EisamanMarketing at
24/7 Live Chat Agent, Live Chat Software, Lead Generation Service
Excellent Online Chat Provider!
Live Chat Agent is an excellent provider for online chat services. Their team is capable of learning as they go and improve over time. They have always been polite and respectful with all visitors. Using Live Chat Agent has increased our lead generation from website visitors. I did a great deal of research before choosing Live Chat Agent and recommend you use their service for your website.
Michael LangenbergConfluence Local Marketing
24/7 Live Chat Agent, Live Chat Software, Lead Generation Service
Increased Lead Conversions!
Live Chat Agent has enhanced the experience people have on our website and gives our customers the ability to get in touch with the right people. We get new leads every day from the chat agents and many have turned into job orders or candidates we can place with our clients. I highly recommend Live Chat Agent to anyone looking to further engage with the people who visit your website and drive more leads to your sales people.
Eric GrossmannVP Research Services at HireNexus
24/7 Live Chat Agent, Live Chat Software, Lead Generation Service

Looking For A Chat Team?

Live Chat Agent has 12 years of excellence, well trained live chat agents who are highly capable of providing exceptional chat support. All our agents are technically sound, knowledgeable and know how to handle the customers in the best possible manner.


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