Features for you

operator chat system messages

System Messages & Chat Bot

Automatic system and chat bot messages. You always know on which page your customer currently is. In case it takes a bit longer for an operator to pick up the chat the integrated chat bot can answer questions to the client.

When a client browse to another page of yours it will inform you where he is now. Important feature specially when you try to explain something on your website.

moderate features

Copy, Starr, Edit, Quote and Delete

Each message you sent as an operator can be copied, starred, edited, quoted or removed. Do you have typo no problem just correct it and you are good to go. Quote one of your clients or your own message. Send something you should not have, just delete it.

The coolest feature however is the starr a message. It will star the message and can easily be found again in the side menu.

share files

Share Files and Images

With Live Chat 3 you can share files on the fly or share already archived files. All restricted by file types and size, you are in charge what can be uploaded and what not. The file types can be set for the operator and for the client.

Images are displayed straight in the conversation but can also be opened in the lightbox, a right click on the image will allow to download the file as well.

edit client information

Edit Client Information

All information from the client can be edited, added or removed when chatting. Has a client started the chat with a fake name but it is now happy to talk to you, no problem just add his real name.

You can also add email address, phone number and notes anytime during or after a conversation. It is easy with Live Chat 3 to keep your customer details accurate.

live search

Live Search

The intgrated live search allows you to search through a conversation with ease specially on long conversations. Live search is available for current and archived chats at anytime.

You will just need to type a few letters and live search is going through the messages from this conversation, of course if you found the one you can starr it as well.

client share files

Client File Sharing

Not only the operator can share files also the client. Important the client can only share files when the operator allows so. The file types, size and other security has been placed to make sure no bad files can be uploaded.

Images will be displayed straight in the chat with a lightbox feature, other files can be downloaded they are displayed as a link.

operator transfer

Transfer any Client

Multiple operators online? The client chose the wrong department? No problem you can transfer any client to any available operator any time.

Of course that is all permission and department based, we guarantee that you are in charge of all your operators and settings.

knock knock

Knock Knock Feature

You will love our knock knock feature, it is simple but very effective. It will send a Javascript Alert to the client which will focus the browser or tab immediately.

The client does not respond or has sound alerts turned off and you need him back, send him a Knock Knock!



Internal messages about a conversation are important, leave them in the notes and find them again when necessary.

Notes can be placed when chatting or after, they can also be edited anytime of course.

standard responses

Standard Responses

Predefined messages can be sent to the client anytime. You can create as many standard responses you like in your operator panel.

Messages can contain space holders to pick the client and/or operator name and/or system email address. That way they are fully dynamic.

standard responses

Forward Client

Redirect the client to a page on your website when chatting with him. Don’t loose your clients because they can’t find the important pages.

With the integrated system messages you will also know if the redirect has worked and the client is on the page you have sent him.

end session

End Session

Usually the client will end the session but of course you also have full control. Ending a session is also nice if your client isn’t really a client.

Witht the block feature you can end the session block the ip and the client is not coming back for a while.