Frequently Asked Questions

We believe we can help any business grow, but we tend to be the best fit for companies that need a personal touch to help convey the value of their offering. Customers love live chat because it’s like a personal concierge for your web site. We help clients across all types of industries since the personal approach to selling and conveying value is something customers expect these days. We’d love to prove to you we’re worth it, so why don’t you sign up for a free trial and see for yourself? You’ve got nothing to lose!

Our agents are professionally trained to interact with the website visitors based on what page they are on and what are they reading. We proactively interact with them, answer their questions, and try to generate as many leads in real-time as possible.
As soon as we find any prospects from the chat visitors, we will send you their contact details. Through our code, our agents can monitor every single live visitor on your website.

Our prices are the most competitive in the market but not at the expense of our customers. All our agents are well trained and experienced to chat with your website visitors. Our agents work on multiple businesses at a time, that’s how we can keep the prices down.

We provide lead generation, sales, and customer support services to Staffing, Education, Ecommerce, Travel, Dentists, Law, Healthcare, Real Estate, Construction & Remodelling, Marketing, Hospitality, and Software businesses.

Our process is very simple and fast. Usually, we can go live o your website within 24-72 hours. Once you sign up for our services, we start by going through your website. Our lead gen experts create the first draft of a script and FAQ that the agents will follow. Once the script and FAQ are approved by you, we send you the code to be added to your website. It will take your developer just a minute to add the code and if you don’t have a developer available we are happy to take care of it. The lead generation service is live as soon as the code is connected to the website.

On average, 40% of website visitors use live chat for sales and support queries. If you have a brand new website that has a very low visitor count per day, the leads may not be generated. If you have started promotion and have targeted traffic coming to your website, lower traffic will also generate leads, but no visitors or random visitors can drop the number of leads.

Yes, we offer a 7-day free trial. Click here to sign up for the free trial.

Yes, we will carry forward all the unused leads/chats to the next month with a condition that the existing plan remains active. If you have a consistent number of unused chats every month, we will look into moving you to a different pricing plan.

If you have exceeded the number of allotted leads/chats. We will not shut down the services. After the end of the month, we will send you an invoice for the exceeded chats/leads, which you can confirm in next 7 days.

We use our own live chat software. After trying everything in the market and trying to find a perfect mix, we decided to build our own and have been using it successfully for several years. The software is 100% free with the agent services, so there is no charge for the software. However, if you’d like to use just the chat software with your current team, you can visit our software pricing page at

Under white labeling, we will remove our brand’s name from the chat widget. Your visitors/customers will never know that the chat agents are from LiveChatAgent.

No, there is no contract. It’s a month to month policy, which you can cancel at any time. As we have to allocate resources (agents) in advance so we can’t refund any amount, which we have already received.

We closely monitor every chat conversation made by our agents. As soon as a chat is over, you also get a transcript of the conversation so you can provide your feedback.

Whenever a visitor engages with our agent through chatting for any type of query, we count that chat session as one chat. It doesn’t matter how long that chat conversation goes, but that will always be counted as one.

Our agents send the leads over to your email(s) in real-time. If you are using any CRM solution, we can send the leads directly to your CRM as well. At the end of each month, your account manager will also send you an excel export of the month’s total leads for reference.

Sometimes we may need more information from you to address a customer. When this happens, our agents are great at letting your customers know they need to look into a question more thoroughly before getting back to them. We’ll ask for their email and follow-up with them after we double-check with you. No customer question left unanswered.

Yes, you can do that. Your chats will be adjusted accordingly. Please contact your manager after upgrading your account.

We are based out of Noida, India. All are agents are on-payroll staff and work under the same roof. We do not work with or hire freelancers.

In the case of cancellation, either drop us an email or visit your PayPal account and cancel the subscription through there. We need at least three working days to process the cancellation.