Power Tools

Comprehensive Visitor Information

Stalk your website visitors. Know about their geographical location, the browser, and the OS they’re using, the web page they’re on, the product they are viewing and so on.

Multiple Widgets

Set up dedicated chat widgets for different websites, departments, and languages. Enable your chat agents to manage multiple chats at a time and hence boost their productivity.

Shortcut Messages

Work smart and save time. Set up canned responses to the most commonly asked queries. Provide the best solutions in shortest possible time and hence enhance the customer experience to the max.

Sneak Peek

Monitor your website visitors in real-time. Know when they are typing while you prepare the best possible responses to their queries. Provide faster responses and gain higher customer satisfaction.

File Exchange

Leave behind all the tedious file sharing methods and leverage the coolest one! Enable your visitors and chat agents to exchange files within fractions of seconds in the chat window itself.