All your Clients on a World Map

Probably the most important feature is to know where your clients are coming from. All our software will try to determine where your client is based currently.

You will see crucial information like country, city and GPS coordinates.

Team Statistics

Have full control over each operator statistics, how long has he been chatting in general, what is his overal rating.

Each operator has also a more details statistics with all the feedbacks of the clients he served.

Page Statistics

Easily find the most visited pages on your website. Important to find out where to run the auto engage for example.

In combination with Auto Engage a very important tool for your live support chat.


Filter after departments or view all. The included filter will show how each department is performing.

With the included permissions you can give your operator full, part or no access to any area of your operator panel.


You will know how many messages, clients, online visitors and total chat time already summed up in your system.

Don’t worry there is no limit, use it as much as you like!