Training your live chat agents: Essentials elements of the training process

Training live chat agents

What if I ask you how’ll you train your live chat agents?

Your response would probably include statements like:

  • Make them familiar with the live chat platform they’ll be working on.
  • Educate them about the products and services that your business deals in.
  • Provide them an access to all that they require for resolving the customers’ queries (knowledge base, canned messages etc.)

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Live Chat for building relationship with customers

Live Chat for enhancing relationship with customers

“Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.”- Paul J. Meyer

Personally and professionally, communication is a powerful medium that can dictate success or failure. Companies know that customer relationship is vital and these relationships can be easily maintained by Live Chat.

63% of customers said they were more likely to return to a website that offers live chat as opposed to one that doesn’t.

77% of customers won’t make a purchase if there’s no live chat support.

Live chat works so well at keeping customers happy because it brings together the best aspects of digital service and traditional service.


You get the efficiency of digital interactions and the warm, personal interactions of real people. Customers get quick help, but they don’t have the anguish of talking to a robot. That’s the kind of marriage that you know will go the distance — as long as you use them in the right balance. To make proper use of digital efficiency, use proactive live chat to interact with customers as soon as they come looking for help or even before they realize they need it. The proactive invites are easy to set up in most live chat software and allow you to personalize that first programmed invite to the customer’s specific situation. Their great advantage is the ability to cut down the time it takes for a valued customer, that has encountered a problem, to get a resolution that will keep them happy. You need your live chat agents to be chatty and personable. Live chat is so great at keeping customers happy (and maintaining those important relationships) because of the marriage between digital and people. Don’t fail at offering a human touch.


The most important element of any customer service channel IS providing useful answers to customer questions. This should be the primary requirement of any channel. Customers shouldn’t have to jump through hoops or do any extra work just to get your help or a useful solution to their problem. Keep customers happy and that relationship strong with the first contact problem resolution. Chat does come with the advantage of being able to rewrite before you hit send (so you can perfect your response).


Loyal customers are pretty responsive. Unlike customers who have only just started buying from you, they are more than likely to speak up when they aren’t happy. If an unhappy customer comes to chat, solve their problem, but then use their openness to your advantage. In fact, customers (old and new) are usually far more open on live chat compared to other customer service channels. It’s a little informal, and although they are speaking to someone directly, the sense of anonymity lets them tell you the truth. So… get encouraging customers to open up. Ask them for details on their experiences. There could be some real gems in their responses that could be used to tweak your product or service to make loyal customers even happier and to attract more new customers. Give your live chat agents a clear channel for recording their feedback.


Not surprising, the best method for maintaining relationships with customers is keeping them happy. If you’re using live chat (or considering using live chat), then you have a secret weapon at your disposal. Keeping customers happy means providing quick, friendly, and accurate responses — something that live chat happens to do fantastically. To maintain that loyalty, customers have with you, you’ve got to make sure they still love the products and services you provide. Enter the openness of customers on live chat and you put what they say into action.

Want to build relationships faster, grow your customer base and increase revenue? Then talk more, talk more often and make these conversations as productive as possible. That is the essence of chat and the reason why chat is resulting in such success.

So, want to enhance your live chat experience?  Contact .

GDPR : All you need to know about the big data privacy revolution!


What exactly is GDPR?

GDPR is a solution to customers’ woes!

The entire world is familiar and “scared” after the latest cases of data breaches.

Well, in today’s era, data breaches are real. Some people with malicious intent steal your data and then eventually mishandle it.

GDPR is one such legal framework, introduced by the European Commission to eliminate such mishaps. This data privacy revolution sets guidelines for the collection and processing of personal information of individuals within the European Union (EU).

When does GDPR come into force and whom does it apply to? 

Though the European Commission came up with a plan to protect valuable data so as to make Europe ‘fit for the digital age’. However, the regulation was enforced after six long years. Thereafter, it has finally come into force today, i.e. 25th May 2018.

Coming to the application of GDPR, it applies to all the organizations operating within the European Union, no matter what scale or size. The regulation further applies to the businesses outside EU which offer goods or services to customers or businesses in the EU.

GDPR compliance: 

As per the terms of GDPR, the organizations have to ensure the following things without failing:

  • The personal data (name, address, photos, and IP address) should be gathered legally and under strict conditions.
  • The data is protected from misuse and exploitation.

In case an organization fails at doing so, it will have to face certain penalties. They may have to pay fines up to €20 million or 4% of their global annual sales, whichever is bigger.

The ultimate warning:

If an organization has always abided by the respective data protection rules, GDPR won’t be much of an issue. However, for the businesses that have taken data privacy lightly all these years, most importantly the small-scale businesses that don’t even realize they are impacted, GDPR is going to be a real trouble.

GDPR, in no way, doesn’t stop the organizations from serving their customers and collecting their data. However, the businesses need to ensure that they are collecting and storing this valuable customer data on a lawful basis. They further have to ensure that they respect the wishes of people who want to have their data deleted.

The regulation mainly aims at boosting the rights of individuals and enable them to control their data. So, the organizations that fail at providing the desired proofs of proper handling of sensitive data, they are sure to face penalties within 72 hours of the data breach.

Does your organization take good care of its customers’ data?

Social media customer support: Myths you need to stop believing asap!

Social media customer support

When we discuss myths, we usually mention orthodox people following some absurd “facts” just because in light of the fact that a cluster of individuals around them “convincingly” discuss them. Although, in a practical scenario, myths win all over the place and even the most brilliant people fall a prey to them. Continue reading “Social media customer support: Myths you need to stop believing asap!”

Clever hacks to boost the average order value for your business in a jiffy!

Increase AOV for business

Does your online store seem to be plateauing?

Has your revenue begun to look the same every month?

Have all your efforts to outwit Google and crack its ever-changing search algorithm been rendered futile?

Do you feel all the money that you used to drive traffic in an attempt to increase your average order value has been wasted?

Well, if that’s the case, you surely need something much more than all that you did to profit your business. You need these tips and tricks:

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Clever tactics to skyrocket WOM for your business!


WOM has been there since ages!

No, seriously!

People around the globe have been dependent on the recommendations of their friends, relatives, colleagues and so on for the purchase of a thing as small as a toothpaste. With time WOM has grown as an inevitable aspect of a business’s growth. Hence, every business that wishes to taste success looks for strategies to garner more and more of WOM.

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Striving hard to win back an unhappy customer? Read on!

Winning lost customers

Businesses these days, are very well aware of the importance of customer satisfaction and its impact on their success. Business owners are ready to go above and beyond to make their customers happy. But there are times when things do not go as planned. Some customer relationships might get damaged due to an unfavorable event. What should be done in such cases? Read on to know.

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The best knowledge base software for your small business

Knowledge base

A knowledge base refers to the technology used to store complex structured and unstructured information used by a computer system. It is a way of sharing, organizing and managing common knowledge which further provides a way of transmitting essential information to the customer. These days, we have a number of knowledge base software that provide a business with more tailored tools for knowledge management:

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How to add that much needed personal touch to your live chat support

Live chat support

You may ask me: What’s the need to add a personal touch to a business’s live chat support?

Well, that’s because apart from the customers’ obvious needs for which they end up on your website, they also have psychological needs. Every business needs to fulfill these needs so as to turn its website visitors into paying customers! This can be easily done by adding a human touch to its live chat support so as to facilitate warmer customer-agent interactions.

Read on to discover the best tips to personalize live chat interactions:

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E-commerce trends that’ll be big in the year 2018

E-commerce trends

Technology is continuously evolving. So are the e-commerce trends. Due to the competitive nature of the businesses, some of the trends may continue to rock and the others may fade away. In order to keep up with the latest challenges in the online market, one needs to be aware of the latest e-commerce trends. That’s what we are here to help you with!

Read on to know the topmost e-commerce trends that’ll rock 2018!

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Clever hacks to make your customer loyalty programme a success

Customer loyalty

Customers love having choices. They love being valued. They love their opinions being voiced. And a business that never fails to provide all this, is the one that has the highest customer loyalty and is eventually successful!

A customer loyalty program is one of the many ways of making your customers feel appreciated and encourage them to be with you for long. Personalisation encompasses activities like an advanced access to new products, special discounts on certain products and so on. Successful loyalty programs help the businesses to strengthen their relationships with their customers.

Now the question is, what all makes a customer loyalty program successful?

Read on to know the answer:

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Killer ways to diminish the customer acquisition cost for your business!

Reducing CAC for a business

Customer acquisition cost (CAC) refers to the cost associated with convincing a customer to buy a product/service. It includes the cost of the product and the cost incurred on research and marketing efforts as well. It holds a significant role in calculating the value of the customer to the company as well as the ROI of acquisition. It’s imperative that lower the cost, greater the success of the business. Here are some amazing tips to effectively reduce customer acquisition cost.

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Facebook lead generation: The best ways to make the most out of it

Facebook lead generation

Facebook is a great place to be individually or as a business! When you take your business online especially Facebook, you get vast opportunities to boost its success. When it comes to lead generation, Facebook has a treasure of options to garner the best quality leads. Here are the top ways to help you with the same:

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How to hire the right lead generation agency for your business?

Lead generation

There are times when a business’s marketing team is so much into some elements of the marketing campaign that the others are left out. Or there are instances when the team is about to launch a new product and needs more and more new leads. That’s the time when the team needs an assistance from a lead generation agency so as to drive more leads.

Since it takes the right agency to get the desired results. So, it’s imperative that a business chooses the right lead generation agency. Here are the best tips to accomplish the same:

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