What is proactive live chat?

Live chat, we are all familiar with. It is an indispensable, powerful, robust, influential tool at your website which makes your customers happy, makes your business happy and provides excellent results.

Now proactive live chat is also an important tool for increasing your conversions. Here the chat agent, instead of waiting for the customer to initiate the conversation, he himself will be the one to initiate the interaction. Continue reading “What is proactive live chat?”

Live chat reduces the cost of doing business on line

Live chat has become the most influential widget at your website. It has become popular among business. With live chat you have more happy and satisfied customers. Customers have a penchant for live chat for many reasons. The scenario has changed. Today we live in a society where we are using text messages and various chat programs to communicate. We no more pick up the phone and give a call to he concerned business with our question. Continue reading “Live chat reduces the cost of doing business on line”