Enjoy multitasking with live chat

Today the consumer expectation of customer service has reached to heights. The default standard for most of the companies of providing phone support and email support is still prevailing, but if you want to differentiate your business and fascinate your customer by giving them an incredible experience you have to think for something extra. That is give your customer on demand support. Continue reading “Enjoy multitasking with live chat”

Lives Chat Gives You The “Multitasking” Option

You may not find it exotic, but you really do not have any excuse to not have a live chat as a customer service application for providing quality customer service. Live chat will link customer to a live, a real time-chat session with a customer sales agent. Now if you are a small business and having some success and keeping up the trend then till now you must have acknowledged the customer service is one of the watch words for the millennium year in on line sales. Continue reading “Lives Chat Gives You The “Multitasking” Option”

Customer feedback: Clever ways to collect it effectively

Customer feedback

Meeting or exceeding customer expectations is possible only if you know what exactly your customers want. Knowing their pain points helps improve the service quality and boost customer satisfaction.  A customer feedback survey is the best way of knowing about customers preferences, likes, dislikes and hidden requirements. However, businesses need to identify the customer feedback medium that would work best for them. Here are the best ways of doing the same:

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Best hacks to make the most out of your NPS score!


Net promoter score is one of the many metrics that let you know how satisfied your customers are with your products or services. Once the NPS scores have been gathered, there are two possibilities: either they get piled up as a mere feedback or they are used up in a better way to benefit the business. Piling them up is of no use, however, if you plan to make the most out of them, read on to know how that can be done:

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All that’s businesses around the globe need to boost their CLV


In marketing, customer lifetime value or simply CLV refers to a prediction of the net profit attributed to the entire future relationship with a customer. It is an important concept as it encourages firms to focus on the long-term health of their customer relationships rather than the quarterly benefits. Higher the CLV, more successful is the business. Here’s a list of what all can be done to increase the customer lifetime value:

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Customer feedback: Why does it matter for your business?

Customer feedback

Customer feedback is basically the opinion of the customers regarding your products and services. Since customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of any business, so, customer opinion is the most important of all and you need to make sure you listen to them at all times. Customer feedback matters a lot as it benefits your business in a number of ways:

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