How to increase sales using live chat?

Just having live chat at your website provides you with loads of new leads that can hike your sales by 30% and that also when you are not at all required to spend any extra penny on lead generation. Having a live chat feature on your website is the first awesome step which you can take towards increasing your monthly revenues. However make sure that this should be not the only one. Continue reading “How to increase sales using live chat?”

Benefits of live chat

Live chat as we all know is an extraordinary customer service support tool. It enhances your on line shopping expedition. It provides immediate assistance to your queries and guides you through your entire shopping excursion. It s there right at the moment when you are the website till you have made a purchase and exiting from the page. Continue reading “Benefits of live chat”

Growth of live chat

According to the recent studies and surveys made it has been clear that live chat has seen significant growth across th US and UK. More than 65% of American on line shoppers have been engaged in live chat which has seen a rise from 50.4% during 2009. This figure is comparatively low in the UK but still has accelerated to 53% from 41% last in 2011. Continue reading “Growth of live chat”