Live chat is there 24/7

With the availability of so many options at the customers end their expectations are escalating by leaps and bounds.  So if you don’t give them that extra concern and show them, in fact, make them feel that, ‘ yes they are taken care of and they are in good hands‘ you will not be able to realize your business objectives any how. Continue reading “Live chat is there 24/7”

Live chat yields the highest satisfaction rates

According to e consultancy live chat seems to mark the highest satisfaction levels of any customer service channel. It states 73% satisfaction rate with live chat, 61% for email and 44% for phone. These statistics are conveyed from eDigital’s Customer Service Benchmark who conducted a survey on 2000 customers and their experiences on different customer channels. Continue reading “Live chat yields the highest satisfaction rates”

Live chat saves money

Today there a lot of e commerce websites who are having live chat support at their website to provide real time answers and resolve the doubts of the customers. Real time chatting with a real live person that is the customer support or the live chat agent not only builds customers confidence while they are shopping but also helps to improve your conversion rates. Continue reading “Live chat saves money”

Enjoy multitasking with live chat

Today the consumer expectation of customer service has reached to heights. The default standard for most of the companies of providing phone support and email support is still prevailing, but if you want to differentiate your business and fascinate your customer by giving them an incredible experience you have to think for something extra. That is give your customer on demand support. Continue reading “Enjoy multitasking with live chat”

Live chat is another mean of communication

Imagine you are in a store and you have a compliant or a simple query. But instead of having an interaction with a sales associate you are asked to make a call or write an email and then simply wait for the other party to get back to you on line or mail. Isn’t that ridiculous? Most probably you will be fed up and just leave the store. This same example is also applicable on on line stores too. Continue reading “Live chat is another mean of communication”

Customers prefer live chat

According to a Forrester research, the best feature any website can offer is interaction with a real person while making an on line purchase. If there is one rule of thumb in sales than it is about making your customer happy. Just giving them the website functionality they desire and interacting them on the customer service channels where they feel completely comfortable is critical. Continue reading “Customers prefer live chat”

Live chat gives you a competitive edge

Today the shoppers are also developing a penchant for ‘live chat’. They too know that if customers don’t interact with real people they might not make a purchase. 77 % of on line shoppers say they would love to make a contact with a real person before making a purchase while more than 50% says a lack of interaction with a live person has made them click away from the site, simply abandoning the shopping cart.

You can say that the success of the sale could be a also because of the guilt as it is hard to say ‘no’ to a real person but more likely its the satisfaction consumers feel when they actually communicate with some one in real time. That’s something even the social media cannot duplicate or boast of.

Even it is seen that more than a half of the customers are more likely to return to the website that offers live chat. The same customers also indicated that they had been satisfied and their last purchase is often a result of the chat session itself.

live chat444

Live chat is a simple way to keep your customers happy, engaged and coming back. Today in the on line scenario what the managers forget is the power of customer service. But now the tables are starting to turn and brands are realizing that treating your customers well and providing quality service can be a form of marketing. As these customers are the only one who are going to spread a good word about your great customer service.

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Live Chat: Quality Customer Service

The unsung hero of the customer service is the live chat. Though it’s not as popular as face book or as jazzy as Instagram, a social butterfly like Twitter or business like as Linked In, but when comes to providing immediate, result driven customer service, live chat is simply the best.

Live chat is the best and the humblest customer service tool. Its chilled to your website, private and very simple.

Live chat is something which connect with your customers at the point of sale and can help thrust browsing customers into the checkout line. And customers really appreciate it. Social media presence is indeed necessary to increase your brand sales but do remember that quality service is the market buzz and hence you should incorporate this powerful widget at your site.

Now live chat connects with your customer at the point where they are deciding to buy or not. According to Anderson consulting poll, more than 62 percent of consumers said that they would purchase more on line if they had someone “live” to interact with, to resolve their doubts and answer their queries.

business growth diagram with red arrow
business growth diagram with red arrow

With live chat you also have increase in sales and even there is an enhancement in the average order size and reduction in shopping cart abandonment for sites that have the live chat icon at their site.

Actually with live chat at your site, the live chat agent can view where the customer is, that is the page he is viewing or simply he has a knowledge of what he is interested in. This can help him to make the consumer aware of more range and variety of products which are there and suits his taste. Ha can also guide him with a word of wisdom and even the discount coupons available or the sale, whatever is applicable.

This for sure will escalate the sales. So live chat provides quality customer services as well as hikes the sales.

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Why should you go for live chat?

People who are using live chat at least once a week are more likely to make purchases than those who have not used live chat. People have also agreed that interacting with a “live” person at the chat window is more comfortable and it highly influences their purchase decision also.


Live chat agents are equipped with excellent traits and it is always a pleasure to interact with live chat representatives.

  • With live chat there is simply no waiting as the agents answer your chat within 10 seconds. It’s quick, immediate and of course effective which is making it a favorite among the users. Quick customer service is the target of live chat to make their customers smile.
  • With live chat you also have the liberty to keep a record of your conversation with a live chat agent especially when it comes to some indication about hidden costs or taxes. At the end of the session you can request fro your transcript of the chat at your email address. This will also helps to boost your confidence in the business.
  • With live chat you also have the advantage of canned messages, such as welcome and the answer of other FAQ. This saves a lot f time and speeds up the process. However canned messages are not used at most since you are interacting with a live person rather than a “machine”. And you can be always sure of that as after using live chat there is no reason left for doubts.

Live chat is always helpful. You can rely on the agents as they are all there completely enlightened with knowledge to guide you through your shopping expedition.

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