Enjoy multitasking with live chat

Today the consumer expectation of customer service has reached to heights. The default standard for most of the companies of providing phone support and email support is still prevailing, but if you want to differentiate your business and fascinate your customer by giving them an incredible experience you have to think for something extra. That is give your customer on demand support. Continue reading “Enjoy multitasking with live chat”

Lives Chat Gives You The “Multitasking” Option

You may not find it exotic, but you really do not have any excuse to not have a live chat as a customer service application for providing quality customer service. Live chat will link customer to a live, a real time-chat session with a customer sales agent. Now if you are a small business and having some success and keeping up the trend then till now you must have acknowledged the customer service is one of the watch words for the millennium year in on line sales. Continue reading “Lives Chat Gives You The “Multitasking” Option”

Bonding With Your Customers: Live chat

Today in the era of on line and digital marketing, competition is inevitable. You have to focus and market your business strategies to get the best and deliver the best. For any business the customer is next to God. So your business strategies should concentrate on providing the perfect service, support, product and every thing which is a part of your business.

And what better way to do so than to have a live chat icon installed at your website.

This live chat gives you an extra edge over your competitors who don’t have it. They are simply loosing potential customers. This live chat icon which has been displayed at your window is like a sales representative or a support which is present at a real bricks and mortar shop. It is there to assist your customer at every crucial point where he is in need of help, it focuses on the needs and requirements of your customers making his shopping experience incredible.


It has also been witnessed that customers who are satisfied with the interaction are more likely to visit the website and make purchases. The personal interaction with the customers adds to the effectiveness of the live chat as it also influences the customers of your competitors site.

This basically adds to the customer confidence which makes him your loyal customer. Loyal customers are probably seen spending more as they know they shall be taken care of. They do spread a good word about your business among friends and family members too.

Using a live chat program can help build these long term relationships simply because your company cares about your customer’s input and happiness.

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What Impact Can Live Chat Have On Your Customers?

According to a Forrester Research study 44% of the customers stated that they are happy to get their queries answered by a live person while in the middle of an on line purchase and this is the most enticing feature a website can offer.

A good live chat software program implemented provides a customer with many added benefits too. With the visual effects and sound alerts active, the customer is not required to remain tethered to the chat window as they are working. They can go about multitasking and get a notification that there,s a new reply, the moment it arrives.

It also gives you the advantage of keeping the clients history. The client simply does not have to repeat themselves and the steps they took that led them to the chat. With a good live chat software, the chat representative can easily have and monitor the visitor footprint feature. They have the idea of the customer as to which pages he visited, how long they stayed on a particular site and whether or not they’re a return visitor to your site.

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Having a proper knowledge of your visitor and the details of the sites he browsed, before he even shoots his question will simply impress and thrill your client, saves his frustration of repeating and your time and makes you look like a hero.

This point can be really crucial and with a kind, humane, helpful and knowledgeable customer service representative you can convert the probable visitor into potential customer.

Live chat can be really lucrative for your business and a sure tool to upgrade your sales.

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What is live chat?

Live chat is referred to as real time conversation between two users via computer. Once a chat

has been initiated, either user can type text by typing on the keyboard and that text shall appear on

the monitor of the other guy. In this way a chat session is established where you can get your

queries resolved by the live chat representatives.

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All About Quality Of Service: Live Chat

Today the demand of the market is “quality customer service”. Business who are giving their

customers “quality service” are sure to have an edge over their competitors and even going to go a

long way. Having an on line presence has no doubt enhanced your business prospects, but it has

also lead to more responsibilities and expectations on your part. There is more of hard work which

you are require to do now, not only to delight your customers but also providing them a sense of

fulfillment and satisfaction.

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Make Your Customer Feel Valuable With Live Chat Agent

Today each and every business is basically having an on line presence. Having an on line presence with an awesome website not only entice your potential customers but it also act as a gateway for business associates,investors and even employees. So despite your product has a sale on line or not, having a website simply augments your business. Continue reading “Make Your Customer Feel Valuable With Live Chat Agent”

How beneficial is live chat for hospitality websites


With the entire world turning tech-savvy, websites have become the very first point of contact between the customers and the businesses. As they always say: First impression is the last impression! Hospitality is solely about an exceptional customer service. So, it’s imperative that these websites offer a live chat support. Live chat for hospitality websites is something that’s needed to accomplish the booking targets and boost website conversions. Read on to know the various advantages it provides:

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Here’s all that live chat does for your travel website

Live chat for tourism

So far we have talked about live chat software and its benefits for e-commerce sites. When it comes to travel and tourism sites, live chat is equally beneficial for these sites. Just like e-commerce websites make the most out of this service, travel websites can also leverage it to guide their customers, increase website conversions, boost revenue growth and more. Read on to know how.

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Top 6 problems that may drive the online shoppers away

online shoppers

This is an era of digitization. You can find everything from a newspaper to books to apparels online. There is no need to hop stores to purchase something that you require. You just need to browse and click and that’s it! Though online shoppers experience convenience with the help of online shopping, there are a number of difficulties they have to face:

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