Customers prefer live chat

Here we are stating a simple fact : Customers love live chat

According to the survey conducted by Forrester research, it was stated that 44% of the online customers say that having a live chat available while making an online purchase is one of the most important features a website can offer.

The basic thumb rule in sales, is to make your customers happy. Hence giving them the basic website functionality which they want and being available for them on the customer service channels where they are the most comfortable is crucial.

Live chat acts to be an intermediate step between the conventional call center and more 21st century technologies like social media.


However regardless of which channels your customers are preferring, having live chat on your website is surely more convenient than making consumers move to another site before they are able to make a purchase.

Live chat provides your clients, visitors and the potential prospects with real time answers to all their queries and concerns. Live chat is there at your website round the clock and all 365 days of the year! It usually happens that the visitors need assistance at odd hours. With live chat they are happy as they know that they are not alone on their shopping excursion and there is someone at the website, who will be more than happy to help them out, in case any assistance is required.

Hence with live chat your customers are more happy and satisfied.

So get the powerful icon, live chat at your website and delight your customers.



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