Tips for an effective online chat: I

These days customers are increasingly using live chat as a communication channel to interact with websites to get instant help in case of any queries. Here are some tips to leverage online chat in order to reassure lead nurturing:

1. Offer a copy of the transcript to the customers:

Customers contact the live chat agents so that their queries are resolved instantly. The whole chat process provides them with valuable information. But, most people don’t record every conversation so this information can get lost or can be rendered futile. So, provide your customers with transcripts at the end of live chat sessions.


2. Include chat button in email campaigns:

This feature allows your customers to provide direct feedback on questions they may have regarding the email they’ve received from you. Emails could be anything from periodic newsletters or follow-ups to individual questions or grievances and embedded chat button along with it provides an ease of instant query resolution.

Embedded chat button
Embedded chat button

3. Provide chat agents with previous chat transcripts:

Providing your chat agents with a chat history for returning visitors allows the agents to come up to speed on issues that the customer discussed previously, and to proactively follow up with any questions. This will hasten up the live chat process and customers will appreciate the fact that they don’t have to repeat their previous problems to newly assigned chat agents.

Chat history
Chat history

4. Initiate an automatic response:

The only way to guarantee a quick response is to accept all incoming chats immediately. Once a customer initiates a chat session, the system should accept the chat automatically and convince the customer that a chat agent will respond shortly. Pre-canned messages can be used to welcome the customer and let him know that action is taking place immediately.

Auto accept chats
Auto accept chats

5. Inculcate pre-chat survey forms:

Pre- chat survey forms allow customers to set the direction of the conversation. They include questions that allow your chat agents the necessary background so they can provide a quick and courteous answer.  The pre-chat survey forms also allow you to quickly route the chat session to the agents who are most qualified to handle the respective conversations.

Pre-chat survey
Pre-chat survey

Live Chat Helps In Customer Retention

You really don’t have to go in depth or be a marketing expert just to know a simple fact that “quality customer service ” plays a critical role in business. Even a 15 year old lad knows that. So guys its high time you understand that its your customers who if happy and charmed by your services , will be spreading a good word about you which helps to grow your customer base.

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How is live chat better than phone and email support?

Live chat has become a turning point in a customer’s shopping ride and while making purchase decisions. It really gratifies the customer to such an extent that just having a live chat icon at your website boosts the confidence of the customer. He is happy that just like in a real store front, here at the website also there is some one “live” to help him out, in a fix.

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Proactive chat: The best practices that’ll make your customers love you!

Proactive chat

Suppose you enter a showroom and you find this well-dressed, well-spoken salesman keen to tell you the ABCs of each and every product present there. He doesn’t even let you tell what you’re there for and literally slaps all the relevant and irrelevant information on your face! How would you feel?

Annoyed, right?

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Customer relationships: Here’s how you can effectively nurture them

Nurturing customer relationships

Customer relationships decide the success or the failure of any business!

The most successful businesses are the ones with loyal customers and long-termed customer relationships.

As a matter of fact, nurturing is the building block of a strong customer relationship as it provides credibility to the businesses which further leads to increased customer satisfaction, inflated sales and boosted profits. In this article, we have stated the best strategies for nurturing customer relationship:

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