What happens when customers know you offer a live chat service?

Live chat

Customers are the main motivation behind every advancement that a business makes. That’s because a business cannot exist without customers. It’s imperative that businesses make every possible attempt to woo them! Of all the strategies used to dazzle the potential as well as existing customers, offering a live chat service is a prominent one. A lot is said and heard about live chat and its benefits for a business but ever wondered how customers actually feel about it?

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What makes a customer experience memorable for your customers?

Customer experience

There may be two reasons for a company’s customer service being memorable. Either it was so good that it exceeded the customers’ expectations or it was so pathetic that it pissed him/ her off. As a matter of fact, customer experience, whether good or bad is actively shared with the people around so as to let others know about them. No business in this whole wide world would want its customers to remember it for its flaws. So, here are some tips to avoid the negative aspects of being memorable:

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Omnichannel customer service and it’s significance in the modern era

Omnichannel customer service

Omnichannel customer service is an expansion of the multi-channel approach to sales. It is basically meant to provide a seamless shopping experience to the customers irrespective of the shopping method (online or offline). It is a powerful medium for enhancing the customer experience, boosting company sales and strengthening the business relationships.

When implemented appropriately, this type of customer support can work wonders for a business. Have a look at what all an omnichannel customer support can do for your business.

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Benefits of using speech analytics: II

1.Deflates operating expenses:

Speech analytics can help deflate operating expenses by detecting cost savings and ways to avoid spending money while generating incremental revenue. In order to tune a speech analytics application for a specific site, a significant investment in time and resources is required. This highly efficacious technology then filters out and provides cost savings data across the board. This enables the call center owners to avoid counterproductive spending and enhance their reputation among businesses requiring call centers. Moreover, it improves customer experience.

Reduce costs
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2. Reduces customer churn:

Speech analytics can help businesses/ organizations to curb customer churn. The tools engaged in this process can be used to identify the factors responsible for customer churn. It provides an opportunity to all such businesses to make the changes necessary to keep customers coming back. This results in improved quality service which further improves customer experiences and satisfaction, giving customers less of a reason to leave. Also, the more information companies gather about existing and potential customers, the better they can take advantage of general consumer behavior.

Reduces customer churn
Reduces customer churn

3. Improves customer experience:

This amazing software can be used for audio data analysis. This data analysis includes:i)

i) detecting things like emotion and stress in a customer’s voice

ii) the reason for the call

iii) the products mentioned and more

With the help of speech analytics, organizations can quickly identify a customer’s needs, wants and expectations, and work to meet them. These days, more and more call centers are relying on call center speech analytics to enhance customer experience. Organizations depending on call centers to provide their customers with satisfying and fruitful interactions can actually leverage the power of this wonderful technology to take their business elsewhere by discovering inferior agent-customer synergy.

Customer experience
Customer experience