How to increase customer lifetime value : Part II

1. Manage all communication channels available:

Having multiple points of contact, allows customers to choose the most convenient medium for communication. According to a research, sixty percent of consumers don’t want to be contacted over the phone about special offers, information, and upgrades, while 75 percent prefer contact via email or text message. Social network tools give you the opportunity to connect and engage with your customers at any time of day, as per their convenience.

Managing communication channels
Managing communication channels

2. Offer convenient and affordable services:

Convenient and affordable services make it easier for users to enjoy what they’re paying for. Make sure that your users/customers should spend the least amount of time possible trying to use your product or service, so they can spend the majority of their time making the most out of it.

Affordable services
Affordable services

3. Create brand loyalty:

As per a research, 64% of participants said shared values were the primary reason for maintaining a relationship with their brand. Clearly communicating your brand’s philosophy or higher purpose has become very important to today’s consumers. So, you must choose a technique, which reflects your consumers’ beliefs and demonstrates them through sponsorship, events or anything relevant. Be sure to brand all marketing efforts consistently and keep your product quality high, so consumers keep returning to what’s comfortable.

Brand loyalty
Brand loyalty

4. Be there in your customers’ hour of need:

Being there in customers’ hour of need means holding their hand while the problem is solved, helping them cut through the confusion to find the solution, or getting them directly connected to the person who can help them as soon as possible.

Helping customers
Helping customers

5. Try building long term relationships:

Building and maintaining long-term relationships is a simple, effective method for increasing your CLV. While it may take a little extra time, care and consideration, it’s a great way to leverage your existing customer relationships to boost revenues without simultaneously increasing your expenses.

Long term relationship
Long term relationship


Benefits of live chat!

You must have witnessed the little chat box at the websites frequently. Live chat has a real lot potential for B2B and B2C companies that are marketing their products and services on the web. In todays competitive scenario being able to answer your customer questions and answers in real time is the best thing a business can offer. Continue reading “Benefits of live chat!”

What is live chat?

Live chat refers to a platform that is present on your website and is to communicate with the site visitors. Live chat enables you to chat with the operators on the host website. A live chat button is always there on your website and the visitor can access the customer support agent with just a click on the powerful widget. Continue reading “What is live chat?”

Benefits of live chat – Part II

Increases sales

Live chat provides instant response to the customer queries.There are many certified studies that stresses the fact that live chat can help an increase in sales.

An American Marketing Association study reveals that live chat helps to increase the conversion rates by 20% and even the typical ROI for sales team has also enhanced to about 300%. This just emphasizes that the customers who are engaged by live chat agent are more likely to make purchase than those who don’t.

These numbers, itself reveals that live chat is effective and it has been true because of a number of reasons.


Live chat is all there at your website to provide your visitors with instant responses. Live chat gives your visitors opportunity to get in touch with your support staff and sales team. The very same is applicable for your customer support representatives also and even your customer representatives have more chances to turn these visitors into paying customers or clients.

Improved customer service and loyalty

Now consider the eDigital Customer Service Benchmark survey conducted on 2000 consumers, which will land you with a clear perception as to why your customers appreciate live chat. It was found that live chat had the highest customer satisfaction level at 73% as compared to 61% foe email support and only 44% for traditional phone support.

With such statistics, it is very clear why the customers return to those businesses which provide live chat. The customer cherish to do business with companies that make customer support easy, hassle free and on the spot that is instantaneous.



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